Wander Franco might be banned from MLB

The investigation into Wander Franco who plays for Tampa Bay Rays about an alleged contact with a juvenile is in its initial stages, according to Dominican lawyer Juan Arturo Recio, and it may take months.

Recio added, “It’s vital to realize that under our laws, there are no consenting relationships between a juvenile and an adult. There aren’t any mitigating circumstances.

While they are conducting an investigation, gathering data, and verifying other details, Dominican authorities who are keeping track of the case stated they are unable to divulge specifics.

Wander Franco
Wander Franco #5 of the Tampa Bay Rays celebrates after scoring against the Detroit Tigers during the sixth inning at Comerica Park on August 6, 2023, in Detroit, Michigan. (Getty Images)

There is a huge chance Wander Franco, the shortstop for the Tampa Bay Rays, will be permanently barred from Major League Baseball if the accusations against him are found to be true. This was a given because he also runs the risk of being imprisoned. Messages have surfaced with allegations that Wander Franco interacted sexually with a minor. This girl was initially believed to be 14 years old, however, it has since been determined that she is actually 17. Still a minor and punishable by law if allegations of rape are made to the authorities. He was removed from the roster by the Tampa Bay Rays ahead of the team’s upcoming weekend series against the San Francisco Giants.

Wander Franco might be unlikely to play in MLB

Nobody on the crew wanted to discuss this incident and utterly disregarded any inquiries that were made about it when Wander Franco was not there. Hector Gomez, an MLB insider, revealed that he spoke with a person involved in the Wander Franco probe. If this information is true, the MLB has been keeping an eye on the situation and could make history over Wander Franco.

According to Gomez’s source, “It will be very unlikely that Wander Franco will play in MLB again, judging by the results of the investigations that are currently being carried out, which directly commit him to the accusations against him.” the source told him regarding the shortstop’s future in the league.

The least of Wander Franco’s concerns should be not being able to play in the MLB given the seriousness of these accusations. The news of the minor’s accusation against the Tampa Bay Rays player was first reported by this same journal. Wander Franco’s career, which was just getting started, will end if he ultimately gets kicked out of the league. He was one of the most highly anticipated young players at the age of 22 and had the potential to rule the game for many years. Franco is no longer able to look beyond the legal battles he is currently engaged in as a result of this controversy.

Under Dominican Republic law 136-03, which specifies the Code for the Protection of Fundamental Rights of Children and Adolescents, relationships between adults and adolescents under the age of 18 are forbidden. This code establishes penalties and prison sentences of two to five years. Such relationships are categorized as sexual abuse by Dominican authorities. Even if the minor offers assent, this still holds true.

Francisco Martinez, a 54-year-old Dominican from Tampa who also feels Franco is not innocent, claimed some girls may go to great lengths for money and fame.

Recio claims that in a nation where baseball is the most popular sport, this is the first incidence of problems regarding minors involving a Dominican baseball player that has come to public attention. Baseball, or “pelota” as it is known in the Caribbean country, frequently provides a chance to escape poverty and pursue a better future.


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