Lionel Messi gives an electrifying free kick to Inter Miami in the 94th minute in MLS debut”

Lionel Messi’s inaugural appearance with Inter Miami lived up to the grand occasion, and the preeminent soccer maestro left an indelible mark in the most electrifying manner.

lionel messi

In the waning moments of his debut match, Messi astutely executed a free-kick, propelling his new MLS team to a triumphant 2-1 victory over the Liga MX powerhouse, Cruz Azul, in the Leagues Cup opener, hosted magnificently at DRV PNK Stadium.

A seasoned veteran and a soccer icon, Messi found himself fouled in the closing seconds, adopting a dramatic posture on the turf, cradling his head. The foul was an indisputable occurrence.

As the final whistle drew near, the stage was set, and only a few seconds separated the players from the decisive outcome.

Seizing the moment, Messi’s illustrious left boot, which had guided Argentina to a World Cup triumph and earned him seven Ballons d’Or as the world’s premier men’s soccer player, etched itself into history.

In a post-match interview on Apple TV+, Messi shared in Spanish, “I saw the goal. I knew that I had to score. It was the last play of the game and I wanted to score so we didn’t go to penalties.”

lionel Messi’s goal makes fans in frenzy

Messi’s goal unleashed a frenzy among the spectators, propelling them into unrestrained jubilation as it struck the left corner of the net, just beyond the goalkeeper’s reach. The announced attendance of over 22,000 spectators reveled in the moment, making it an unforgettable spectacle across South Florida and the entirety of America.

The world’s greatest player handpicked this team, this city, and this soccer league to perpetuate his legendary career.

After enduring years of speculation and intrigue regarding Messi’s potential move to Inter Miami, and years of pondering whether the world’s finest soccer talent would grace MLS, the moment finally materialized, leaving an air of surrealism in its wake.

 lionel messi

Messi’s presence further amplified Miami’s star power, with luminaries such as Kardashian, LeBron James, and Serena Williams gracing the stands with their presence.

lionel Messi becomes even more star power in Miami

Though Messi did not initiate the match for Inter Miami, his entrance in the 54th minute invoked immense joy among the sold-out crowd, with celebrities and fans alike bearing witness to the emergence of a soccer legend on American soil.

Lionel Messi, donning the Inter Miami jersey, graced the field in his first-ever U.S. game, embracing the challenge that lay ahead. The intensity soared as the clock ticked away, and the stakes climbed higher. The game was tied 1-1, thanks to a sublime strike from Cruz Azul’s Uriel Antuna in the 65th minute that delicately grazed the goalie’s hands and found its way into the net. This goal spoiled Inter Miami’s 1-0 halftime lead, achieved through Robert Taylor’s performance in the 44th minute.

The final minutes of the game witnessed some contentious moments, with Messi facing a no-call fall and two offsides calls, stirring angst for the former Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain star.

The prospect of the game heading into penalties if the score remained level after 90 minutes loomed large. However, the unpredictability of the sport and the influence of the extraordinary came into play when Messi decided to seize control.

lionel Messi takes a warms up during halftime

“We may perceive it as entirely ordinary, but believe me, it’s not,” commented Inter Miami coach Tata Martino with admiration. “We are talking about the GOAT.”

In the dying seconds of his inaugural game, it finally dawned on everyone present—the sheer magnitude of what had just transpired. Messi had called game in his very first match.

As the dust settled, the frenzy surrounding Messi’s venture into American soccer only intensified, captivating fans and critics alike.

Arriving at DRV PNK Stadium, Inter Miami forward Lionel Messi stepped onto the pitch for his Major League Soccer debut, brimming with anticipation. The decisive moment came in the 94th minute when Messi showcased his mastery, delivering an awe-inspiring goal from a free-kick, propelling Inter Miami to a thrilling 2-1 victory over LIGA MX’s Cruz Azul.

lionel Messi cheers in Inter Miami

Merely ten minutes after Messi’s entrance, Cruz Azul managed to level the playing field, courtesy of Uriel Antuna’s well-executed strike from the right wing. The ball brushed against the goalkeeper’s fingertips, nestling into the left side of the net, setting the stage for a high-stakes second half, with Messi at the center of attention.

During halftime, Messi warmed up with his teammates, even though he had not started the second half on the field.
The exact duration of Messi’s debut appearance remained uncertain; however, the anticipation and curiosity surrounding it reached a crescendo.

While Cruz Azul held an advantage in possession during the initial half, Inter Miami ensured they had the upper hand on the scoreboard before Messi’s debut.

lionel messi

The moment of Messi’s arrival on the field was accompanied by chants of his name, merely 40 seconds into the match, as he awaited his turn on the bench. The chants persisted around the 9th minute, adding to the chaotic energy that pervaded the initial phase of the game.

He arrived at the stadium shortly after 6 p.m., approximately two hours before kickoff,This strategic move was hinted at by Beckham earlier, who emphasized the need for Messi to be fully ready after his time off.

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