Kai Cenat is facing prosecution after a giveaway in New York

 A social media influencer Kai Cenat is now facing prosecution After a giveaway in a New York City park descended into chaos on Friday, thousands of people flocked to Union Square Park in the hopes of winning.

The police say they struggled to contain the thousands of people who took over the park and the roads. Arrests have been made, but the New York Police Department on Friday night was unable to provide a list of those. 

Kai Cenat announced during a Twitch live on Wednesday that he would be throwing a “huge giveaway” on Friday at 4 p.m. in Union Square Park. Cenat has more than 4 million subscribers to his channel on YouTube, more than 5 million to his Instagram account, and 6.5 million to Twitch.

Kai Cenat has been in Custody

At one of two press conferences held on Friday, NYPD Commissioner Jeffrey Maddrey stated that people started congregating at the park around 3 p.m. The park and the nearby streets quickly became congested with people, preventing both pedestrian and vehicle circulation, he claimed.

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At the second briefing, he remarked, “We went from 300 kids to a couple of thousand kids in minutes.”

According to Maddrey, 65 persons were detained. He said that thirty of them were children.

People tossed bottles, pyrotechnics, rocks, and paint cans that had been taken from a construction site at the park before they were brought into custody, according to Maddrey.

He said that three policemen had been injured. A sergeant’s hand was fractured.

He said, “Officers were attacked, we were crushed,” and claimed he had been struck by “multiple objects.”

He remarked, “I personally saw young kids experiencing panic attacks, having anxiety attacks. “Out here, people were in pain.”

“We’re not against young people having a good time, or gathering,” Maddrey added. “However, it must not be at this risky level. Many people were injured today.

Although the crowd had left the park, he claimed that authorities were still keeping an eye on “crowds mulling around Manhattan.”

During his Wednesday show, Kai Cenat announced that viewers could win prizes by answering “random questions” about YouTube and streaming properly. If you do it correctly, you will instantly receive a PS5, he said.

On Friday, Kai Cenat posted a video from the audience while streaming a chunk of the event live on Twitch. He recounted the disorderly crowd in a video that appeared to be posted from a vehicle, stating, “Everyone is out for themselves. There is a war going on. He also talked about how many police there were.

Cenat has been making material for years, but his most popular Twitch streams include games, practical jokes, and funny reactions.

After finishing a 30-day nonstop live stream, colloquially known as a “substation,” he smashed the Twitch record for most active subscribers in March.

The outlandish actions that Cenat is known for have put him into some issues on the platform. Twitch has temporarily suspended him over five times.

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