In NFL, Jet vs Brown: brown ultimate winning by 21-16 to the Jets

In NFL, The annual Hall of Fame Game the New York Jets Vs Cleveland Browns marked the beginning of the 2023 NFL season on Thursday night. Cleveland, who was playing against the Jets, who were missing their new starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers, trailed 13-0 early in the game despite being less than an hour away from their home stadium. Cleveland then came back to defeat the Jets 21-16.

NFL,   the New York Jets Vs Cleveland Browns ,
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In NFL, brown dominates the game

Both the past and the future were honored during the game. Throughout the evening, the nine individuals who will be inducted into the 2023 Hall of Fame were honored, including former Browns offensive lineman Joe Thomas and former Jets defenders Darrelle Revis and Joe Klecko. Players wanting to contribute to their teams’ success made a number of noteworthy plays and performances during the actual game.

Dorian Thompson-Robinson, a rookie selected by the Browns in the fifth round, played his first NFL game on Thursday night. The former UCLA standout made a number of good plays with both his arms and legs. He directed the Browns on a 16-play, 93-yard drive that included a touchdown run of Demetric Felton and completions of 14 and 15 yards to Mike Harley Jr.

With less than 10 minutes left, Thompson-Robinson handed the Browns their first lead by connecting with Austin Watkins Jr. on a 22-yard touchdown pass.

Behind Nick Chubb, Cleveland appears to have John Kelly Jr. and Felton as two reliable running backs. On a three-yard reception, Kelly scored the first touchdown for the Browns. Felton’s clever 16-yard touchdown run gave the game its first points of the second half.

Felton had 46 yards on seven carries to lead both teams. On 10 carries, Kelly gained 42 yards and added 27 yards by catching four of his five targets.

Late in the third quarter, Will McDonald IV of the Jets forced a punt by using a superb spin maneuver. Robert Saleh, the head coach of the Jets, said that McDonald, who recorded 34 sacks during his stint at Iowa State, has shown “freakish” ability during his first NFL training camp.

Former No. 2 overall selection Zach Wilson led the Jets on their first three drives while Aaron Rodgers was dressed casually. He completed 3 of 5 passes for 65 yards, including a 57-yard pass to Malik Taylor, who helped Greg Zuerlein score the first of his two first-quarter field goals. Even though the final score was tight, the Browns were statistically the better team. With 346 total yards against the Jets’ 188, the Browns had a 23-9 advantage in first downs. The Jets were only 2 of 12 on third down and 0 of 2 on fourth down, while Cleveland was 7 of 13 on third down.

The physical terrain was where the two teams diverged most. On 33 carries, the Browns gained 172 yards, averaging 5.2 yards per run. In contrast, the Jets only gained 53 yards on 23 carries for an average of 2.3 yards per carry.

Numerous penalties were committed by both teams. Cleveland received 10 flags totaling 103 yards. The Jets received 12 penalties for 80 yards.

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